My earliest memory of Pakistan, would have to be when my uncle took me, my siblings, and my cousins out on his motorcycle, at dusk, daily. He’d take us, one by one, around the block, then we’d get off and it would be the next one’s turn. He’d do it till everyone had a turn. It felt surreal, absolutely surreal, to ride that motorcycle, even as a child- to feel the air whipping around you, to hold your uncle close- it was surreal.

I know, Pakistan has a link to a history of violence and terrorism. But I do also know, Pakistan has a culture full of rich history, of selfless people like our founder, like my uncle, like Imran Khan, like those being oppressed for their peaceful resistance.

I’m not asking more than to keep Pakistan in your thoughts. They are humans. They are you, flesh and blood, some wearing the blood of others. They are me, they are you, they are your brothers and sisters in humanity.

I’d love nothing more than to see others see the Pakistan I see- the culture, the weddings, the people, the laughter, the cricket. I’d love nothing more than to see others see Pakistan over the guns and bombs. All I ask is to keep Pakistan in your thoughts.

Anonymous asked: Okay anon who's hating on Laiba and Pakistan, let me tell you something. One, this is her freakin blog, not yours so kindly shut the fuck up and let her post whatever she wants. Two, a lot of shit is going down there and people have a right to be aware and if she wants to spread the news she can. A lot of info is being hidden from everyday people, not only the crap going on in Pakistan but in other places to like Palestine. Spreading the word is a good thing. Laiba, don't stop what you're doing.

Is it bad that I got a little teary eyed gosh just ily all ok

Anonymous asked: The anon who said no one cares needs an attitude adjustment. While it may he true that not a lot of people care, a lot of people should care. Sorry you had to hear that :/

It’s okay !thank you gorgeous 💜

So as long as it doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t matter right?

“I will always miss you.”

Anonymous asked: labia stop no one cares about whats happening in pakistan

Thank you, for taking a portion out of your time in order to tell me this. I can’t make you care. But I can only hope that by reblogging these posts, that you’d be aware of the situation.


Over 300 injured in clashes as thousands demand Pakistan PM resign

Pakistani riot policemen take position during clashes with opposition supporters near the prime minister's residence in Islamabad on August 30, 2014. (AFP Photo/Aamir Quresh)
Pakistani riot policemen take position during clashes with opposition supporters near the prime minister’s residence in…

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